Bulk Parcel Delivery Solutions

Our parcel services have always been speedy – now you can enjoy ‘express’ parcel bookings too.

Integrating your eCommerce account(s) with your parcelforce.com details is easy, and will allow your sales to be pulled through automatically, helping you to speed up your parcel bookings. Plus if you use more than one of the eCommerce platforms below, our system will provide a central parcel booking hub by consolidating all your sales in one place.

When you are ready to process your sales, you can choose to

A) Download all your orders as a csv file and import to parcelforce.com, converting them into parcel bookings. You can select – and even pre-select your chosen parcel services, and from there, simply process, pay and generate your parcel labels, or
B) Bulk process your orders on an adhoc basis

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