My parcel has not been collected. What can I do?

If your parcel has not been collected, you may be able to rebook your collection, or switch to a drop-off service.

Why hasn’t my parcel been collected?

There are few reasons why a courier may not be present for a scheduled collection:

  • Driver Out of Time — other deliveries have ran over their allotted time period, which means there’s no time left on the day for the driver to collect your parcel.
  • Force Majeure— this is a failure scan indicating that an authority has prevented the driver from completing the route to your selected collection point. This could be an event like a marathon or long traffic delays due to road works or an accident.
  • Booking Error — the driver doesn’t have your collection scheduled in their system.
What should I do now?

Get in touch with us via the Live Chat link below. One of our operators will be able to rebook your collection for you.

If you need to dispatch your parcel today, it may be possible to you can switch to a drop-off service instead. One of our operators may be able cancel your collection for you and book a drop-off delivery for you instead, depending on the time and the service you booked.

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